Sleepy Breasts - Will the bra work for me?

Sleepy Breasts - Will the bra work for me?

Hi Ladies,

Can I wear the Misses Kisses bra if my breasts lay low? (Sleepy)

As long as your breasts are not too sleepy and have some volume, it should work perfectly for you.

Because the bra is Frontless - Backless and Strapless, it wont lift per-say, however it will give the appearance of lift when the breasts are squeezed together. When they are squeezed together this fills in that loss of volume and creates that full, perky, youthful look while closing the gap between our breasts. I have had great reviews saying it fits up to G cups.

How do I know if they are too sleepy or not? 

Take the palm of your hands and place them on the outer side of your breasts. Push your breasts inward (not upward) If you like where they lay and how much cleavage you can achieve doing this, you will love the Misses Kisses bra :) 

If not, don't be discouraged. I am working on a lift version and my goal is to provide for all women, shapes and sizes. If you are still unsure if it will work for you, feel free to send me a picture in a plunging neckline and I will give you my expert opinion. 

It is risk free to try as I offer a full money back guarantee if returned within 21 days. 

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