Important - How to adjust the bra correctly to your specific shape

Important - How to adjust the bra correctly to your specific shape



 Very Important Instruction video:



 Very Important instructions with pictures:


Anti-Slip Silicone StickersTHESE MUST BE APPLIED to both the gold pusher cups and to the volumizing pads. Make sure to remove both pieces of Cilm, front and back. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THE BRA WILL STAY IN PLACE. (The grip can be reactivated with a dab of water and rub dry) 


The Mission: Twist the gold pusher to cups to lay flush and cup each one of your breasts.  Twist in for smaller and out for larger. If it is digging into your breasts, you must twist it outward more. Twist them to your breast shape. Once adjusted to your shape, place it on one breast at a time. Pull the bar lightly and place the other breast in the opposite pusher cup. You can adjust the cleavage (and fit) by pulling the pusher cups apart or pushing them together.  This gives you 2 ways to adjust your bra for perfect fit, comfort and cleavage !!  Don’t worry it WILL NOT BREAK or we will replace it for free !!

The Gold Pusher Cups – Again, twist them inward towards your body for smaller breasts. Or twist outward for larger breasts.  It won't break, I promise!  -- Also separate the pushers by pulling them apart to bend the bra bar.  This will control how much cleavage you get.

Volumizing Pads – Slip them on the gold pusher cups (remember to put the anti slip stickers on the inside of the pusher cups to prevent slipping inside the pad). Tilt and turn the volumizing pads in different directions to lay flush for comfort. There are no rules on what direction the pads need to be placed, whatever gives you a rounded look and lay flush. 


Optional Strap – I recommend this if you are very active or want to keep the bra bar snug under tight clothing. Attach one side of the strap to the bra bar. Place the bra on your body and wrap the strap around the back of your waist and attach to the other side of the bra bar. This is adjustable. 

    I also have created more videos and instructions on the blog section of the site.

    Because it is so new and different it can be intimidating.  Though after the first adjustment you'll never have to adjust again and it's as simple as slipping it on and going.

    I‘m also available for FaceTime fittings per request. This usually takes 5 to 10 mins long, depending on how chatty we are.

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    Thank you! Amanda Marie xo


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    I’m having the same issue as Angela above


    I have recently purchased a misses kisses. I have watched the video a few times and im still having issues. I don’t have nice big full boobs I have now smaller saggy boobs from breastfeeding.I’m getting frustrated trying to get it to fit and stay. I cleaned the sticky pads and that helped catch more but something is still not right. Ive repositioned the tabs and pads many times but don’t know what else to there something else obvious I need to do?


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