BioGel Water Resistant | Sweat Proof Pads


Have you ever wanted to wear your Misses Kisses bra with a swimsuit? Need extra sweat protection during a night of dancing?  Our new BioGel Pads are perfect for you! 

The pads are medical grade silicone. 

Our BioGel Pads come in all sizes and colors - Fits bra sizes B to J. Choose from three color-ways, Beige, Mocha or Black. 

The pads come with a pre-applied water resistant silicone grip.

*Also included are two water resistant black stickers, these must be applied to the bra paddles to hold pads in place. (Never touching the skin) 


Important: Like other silicone bras on the market, do not wear in high temperatures for extended periods of time. If you notice sensitivity, please discontinue use immediately. 

1. After each use, wash with warm water and use mild soap to clean. Do not wash in machine. 

2. Do not expose the silicone to sun, air dry and leave in shade. 

3. If the skin is sensitive, inflamed or damaged, do not use. 

4. Unsuitable if pregnant or breastfeeding. 

5. Avoid high temperatures and wear less than 8 hours.

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