This Invisible, Frontless, Strapless, And Backless Bra Is The Most Supportive We’ve Ever Worn

Here’s Why 200,000+ Customers Are Obsessing Over Misses Kisses:

1. Maximum Cleavage & Support (With No Bra In Sight)

The Misses Kisses Bra™ is an adjustable, one-size-fits-all design (from 30A cups up to 50J cups) that instantly produces impressive cleavage while remaining supportive and invisible. Designed for plunging necklines, backless, strapless tops/dresses, it allows women to wear even their most daring neckline while achieving a “no bra” look. NO heavy straps cutting into our shoulders, NO backband creating back-bulge, and finally, NO front.

2. The Only Completely Customizable Bra

Think of Misses Kisses as a helpful boost - the padded paddles provide shaping and an inward pull while the bra bar encourages lift and support, helping to bring everything front and center and show off what’s naturally YOU! So whether you’re looking for dramatic cleavage or just a subtle lift, our specialists will walk you through how to achieve any look for a wide range of cup sizes (from 30A to 50J!) during your FREE virtual fitting.

3. Over 100 Million Views on Tik Tok

With over 100 million views, the Misses Kisses bra has gone viral on TikTok dozens of times by showing how you can achieve a dramatically elevated look with absolutely no bra in sight! Check out how hundreds of women with a wide range of cup sizes and body types are using the Misses Kisses bra to feel confident in any outfit, showing off the beautiful bodies and busts they already have! If that’s not enough, check out some of their awesome reviews below!

4. Woman Owned & Founded

Amanda Marie (Misses Kisses CEO and Founder) created this bra out of necessity - first for herself, then for her friends, and now providing for women around the world. Her ultimate goal was to help contribute to a woman’s positive self-esteem and body image, whether they’re a mother who's lost shape to breastfeeding or gravity, a bride on her big day, a strong and beautiful cancer survivor, or a woman of any age or size who just wants that something extra.


“I hope this bra makes you feel your most confident and most feminine, which is exactly how I feel whenever I'm wearing it." - Amanda Marie

5. Providing A Lifetime Of Support

No more throwing away your bra after a year - the Misses Kisses bra is designed to last a lifetime! Unlike traditional bras that have fixed straps and cup sizes, the Misses Kisses bra fits any size from 30AB up to 50J and is adjustable to the shape of your body and your desired amount of lift. With a two-year warranty and 21-day return policy, Misses Kisses stands behind its top-quality materials and wants you to love your bra FOREVER. If at any point you would like to exchange one plunge for another, contact Misses Kisses and we will happily swap your bra.