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Misses Kisses Bra – For The Modern Woman  


What is the purpose of this bra / what is it designed for?

I specifically designed this bra to provide cleavage and support for plunging neckline outfits and to close the gap, while achieving a braless look.  Frontless Backless and Strapless.


Will I need to replace my bra?

No- This bra is made of quality materials. This is a forever bra and most likely won’t need to be replaced. It comes with a two-year warranty.


What cup sizes does this bra work with?

Originally I thought it would only work for B’s to DDD though I have been getting testimonials saying it can work on Small B’s up to G cups. (Please note on G cups the pads may be slightly small though I am working on a larger pad design) Deep plunge bra for anything over a D cup. Its very important you bend and twist the gold pusher cups to cup each breast, the bra is adjustable and wont break!


What breast shapes does this bra work on?

The bra's fit most breast shapes. As long as they aren't too sleepy it should work perfect. Because the bra is frontless backless and strapless, it wont lift per say, however give the appearance of lift when pushed together. Simple Test: Take the palm of your hands and place them on the outer side of your breasts, push them in (not up) If you like the cleavage and support you get from this, you should love the Misses Kisses bra.

Can I wear the Misses Kisses bra if my breasts lay low? (Sleepy)

As long as your breasts are not too sleepy and have some volume, it should work perfectly for you.

Because the bra is Frontless - Backless and Strapless, it wont lift per-say, however it will give the appearance of lift when the breasts are squeezed together. When they are squeezed together this fills in that loss of volume and creates that full, perky, youthful look while closing the gap between our breasts. I have had great reviews saying it fits up to G cups. 

How do I know if my breasts are too sleepy or not? 

Take the palm of your hands and place them on the outer side of your breasts. Push your breasts inward (not upward) If you like where they lay and how much cleavage you can achieve doing this, you will love the Misses Kisses bra :) 

If not, don't be discouraged. I am working on a lift version and my goal is to provide for all women, shapes and sizes. If you are still unsure if it will work for you, feel free to send me a picture in a plunging neckline and I will give you my expert opinion. 

It is risk free to try as I offer a full money back guarantee if returned within 21 days. 


Will this work on plus size women?

Yes, it just depends on your cup size. Some customers that are plus size prefer the Modest Plunge as the bra bar is shorter and doesn’t really affect the belly area as long as you are a D and smaller the modest will work for you.


Will this work on small framed women?

Yes, it just depends on your cup size. Some customers prefer the Modest Plunge as well, because it is smaller and has more force providing more cleavage.


What’s the difference from the Deep Plunge and the Modest Plunge?

The Deep Plunge – 6” Deep – This has a little more adjustability as it is longer *You can adjust for a little cleavage or a lot of cleavage. Is great for all breasts sizes though I really recommend the Deep Plunge for Larger breasts and dramatic plunging necklines.


The Modest Plunge- 4” Deep – This one is great if you don’t wear extreme deep necklines and would like it as more of a daily cleavage enhancing bra. I don’t recommend this for anything size over D cup. The Modest is great for women who are plus size with a belly or Very small framed women who want a ton of push to achieve more cleavage.


Which one should I get?

Both lol – Really it just depends on your cup size and what you’re comfortable with. If you are a Diva and wear deep plunging necklines the “Deep Plunge”, this one is my favorite. (My Ma always said I was dramatic ;) The Modest is great too! It’s for our Sassy/ Flirty customer who may wear a crop tops that hsve a little less of a plunge. I wear both it really depends on the outfit or my mood.


Can you see the bra bar through clothing / Will it show through?

Its not invisible, though pretty inconspicuous compared to a normal bra. The kit includes an optional strap to hold snug to the body under tight fitting outfits.

It is designed to follow a plunging neckline. I can tell you from experience no one will be looking for the bra bar, they will be looking at your chest lol

Let me ask this, can you see a regular bra through tight clothing or panty lines through tight clothing? Misses Kisses bra is Frontless backless and strapless not magic, though pretty close…


Can I wear this if I have augmented / enhanced breasts?

Yes, I have my breasts done and love them, my doctor is amazing! “DR David Kim of Beverly Hills Plastic surgery”. Though I still had a gap between my breast even after getting them done. I wanted cleavage without a bra… Now we all can! (Dr Approval)


Can you bend, sit and dance, will the bra bar dig into my stomach?

The bra bar may look shocking, though it is designed to lay over top your stomach and flow with you as you move. Yes, you can bend sit dance and shouldn’t have a problem.

I will note, it will make you want to sit up straight (Like a lady) and helps with posture.


Is the bra uncomfortable?

Not once you get used to it. It is extremely different than what we are used to, though after the first wear you don’t really notice it. No more straps digging into our shoulders, no back band creating back bulge and finally no front.

The pusher cups feel as if hands are pushing your breasts together and the silicone just grips, doesn’t leave a sticky mess.

Just like anything new it takes time to get over the learning curve, it is worth it!


Will the bra break if you bend the pusher cups *Gold in and out?

No, the bra pusher paddles are designed to bend and twist inward for smaller breasts and outward for larger breasts. This is how you are supposed to adjust the bra to fit your specific shape... PLEASE ADJUST IT! I am available for FaceTime fittings. Don't be shy, we all have nipples.... Breast to me are now like a leg or an arm - I've seen them all lol

The mission is to adjust the gold paddles to lay flat / flush against your breasts. Cup you as a normal bra would. 


Can you adjust how much cleavage you want?

Yes, just bend the bra bar in or out to adjust, along with the *gold pusher cups; twist and bend inward for smaller breasts and outward for larger breasts. The mission is to adjust to your specific shape. This may take time, though it's the only time you'll need to adjust it. 


Anti-slip Silicone Stickers Questions


Do I need the anti-slip silicone stickers?



What are the anti-slip silicone stickers purpose?

They grip the breast’s so it doesn’t come off. Unlike other bras on the market we use anti-skid, anti-slip silicone because I don’t like a sticky gooey mess touching my skin or having to peel it off. :)


Where do I place these anti slip silicone stickers?

Very important – there are two pieces of film, the lip print logo side which reveals the sticker. Peel that side first and place on the inside of your volumizing pads. Then peel the clear top layer to reveal the grip. You can also place these on your bra pusher cups *gold to ensure the pads stay in place.


Are the anti-slip silicone stickers reusable?

Yes, you won’t need to replace for many many many wears, or until you feel you need to wash your volumizing pads.   For whatever reason the grip become less grippy, just add a dab of water and rub dry.


How often do I need to replace my stickers?

When you lose them, or you want to replace them


What if my stickers lose grip?

Add a dab of water and rub dry.


Can I return the product with used stickers?

Yes! You can return the bra kit if you tried it on with the stickers and it didn’t work for you. Please just peel them from the pads before shipping back to us.


Volumizing Pads


What is the purpose of these?

When you push your breasts together you lose volume on the side. These pads fill in that loss of volume to create a rounded shape, especially under tighter clothing. They are also for comfort.

Do they cover the nipples?

I designed this version to be a braless look. Free the nipple… Though I am in the process of designing pads that cover the nipple. In the meantime, if requested, I can add pasties.


How do I get the pads to lay flush to my breasts?

You can twist and tilt the pads whichever way you need for your breast shape. There are no rules here. Tilt them... Whatever gives you that rounded shape. 


Will there be more style, shapes and colors?

Yes, God willing! If women keep buying, I’ll keep providing. Women supporting women.


How often do I need to wash them?

How often do you wash your normal bra is the question. lol 


How often do I need to replace them?

They are reusable for many many many wears. It depends on how good you take care of your things. If you’re like me, you’ll lose or misplace things. That’s why I included the dust bag. Just put it in there and remember where you put the bag lol


Optional Security Strap Questions 


What is the purpose?

This is optional though if you are planning on being active, sweaty or dancing the night away I recommend this. I would also recommend this if you are wearing tight fitting clothes, this keeps it snug to your body.


How to attach the strap?

Just like a normal bra strap it has a little loop, slide the clasp into the loop around the bra bar. Wrap the other side around the back of your waist and attach that side. I have created a video in the blog section of the site on how to wear this.


Will the strap fit me?

It is adjustable and fits most. If you need a custom strap please contact me and I can have the manufacturer make one specially for you with a small fee.


Important FAQ's 


Can I replace my normal bra?

No, we do not recommend wearing this daily. The bra has silicone and should be treated as other silicone bras on the market. 

Sensitive skin or allergic to materials.

We do not recommend wearing or buying this product if you are allergic to Silicone or have sensitive skin. Silicone can cause skin reactions if you are sensitive. Discontinue wear if you are noticing symptoms. 

Can I wear this in high heat? 

We do not recommend wearing this if you are going to be in very hot climates for long periods of time. The anti slip silicone has an adhesive which holds to the volumizing pad. High heat could activate the adhesive side and and could cause it to slip. 

Can I wear this while pregnant? 

No, I do not recommend wearing this pregnant. 

Please contact me directly if you did not have your question answered and I will be happy to answer and add it to this FAQ page. Thank you so much! amanda@misseskisses.com

All bra sales are refundable within 21 days - as long as there’s no physical damage to the product.
We value you as our customer and want you to be completely satisfied! You must use the anti slip for the bra to stay on! 

How do our sizes run? One size fits most- please note: If you are less perky this may not work for you. Don't be discouraged as we are working on version 2.0 the Lisa Lift.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
Processing of your order typically requires 1-3 business days.

After the 1-3 business day processing period, delivery of all in-stock items require an additional 2-8 business days for domestic orders and 3-12 business days for international orders.

* Delivery times may vary depending on your country of residence. International orders are subject to processing through customs. Each country has different customs restrictions and processing times (we wish this wasn;t the case). Please keep in mind that customs fees may apply depending on your country of residence. We are not responsible for customs fees.

We now offer express shipping for Domestic and International orders with additional shipping fees.

* If your package arrives broken in package due to mishandling, we apologize. We want to get this fixed for you! Take a photo of your item in the package with original receipt and contact us via support@misseskisses.com so we can assist you with your order.

What should I do if I entered the wrong shipping details?
Please contact us immediately if you noticed that your shipping details are incorrect. We are unable to allow any changes to your order once it has been shipped. If your order is marked as "returned to sender", we will be required to pass on a subsidised reshipping postage fee of $5 USD. Ensure you update us via our support page with the correct and complete address as soon as you can.

What are my payment options?
Money - Trade - whatcha got? Ya never know ;) lol

What if I received a faulty item?
If you received a defective or faulty item, proof of the defected or faulty item must be given no later than 7 days after receiving the package. Contact us for further support.

Where will my order be shipped from?
We personally fulfill orders at the Misses Kisses office located in Downtown Los Angeles (Fashion District) to ensure quality.

Seems expensive?

This bra kit has numerous pieces that make this functional. It is not made of fabric that will fall apart. Although I would like to lower the price, I am not a large manufacturer. I am a woman out of LA trying to help other women the best I can. This is a forever bra and you won’t need to replace it like other bras. I often will provide discount codes and will do giveaways. 


What do I wear with it?

This is designed for plunging necklines. You can wear anything with a low cut / Deep V neckline. Your wedding dress, your prom dresses a night out with the girls, club wear, daily wear with flowy tops like Free People, Planet Blue, Fashion Nova, Revolve Clothing, and many more that provide plunging necklines. You can wear a button down shirt, even a hoodie to look hot in your sweats. Whatever you want… I wear it under my robe at home with my hair in a bun and no makeup, because I can lol

We all have breasts, let’s celebrate being a woman. Modesty Empowers some and nudity empowers some.  Do what empowers you. You can still be an intellectual woman who loves her body.

Can I bring this bra through security at an airport?

Per TSA, you can either check it or bring it in your carryon to be scanned in a bin. I have taken it through the airport many times over the years and haven't had a problem. You're good, I've done it plenty of times. After talking to TSA, we don't recommended wearing it through the body scanner as you will probably have a pat down. (As they make us remove belts as well) Though, carryon or check bag is perfect.

As for a metal detector at a club, concert or event. I had been nervous about this in the past and have walked through a handful here in LA and never set one off. This is either because they weren't working or there isn't enough metal in the bra to set it off.

I would just plan accordingly and if they pat you down, just tell them it's a new underwire bra for plunging necklines 


What if I have a romantic encounter / what do I do with my bra?

We are adults, I’m sure they will still want you even if they find out you're wearing a bra for the modern women… Or just say you need to freshen up in the Ladies room, slip into something and hide the bra in the dust bag it came with.

* Orders are fulfilled between the hours of 8AM-4PM on business days.

Xoxo Amanda Marie