Combo Kit Moderate + Shallow

Pad Style

*Discount codes do not apply to the Combo Kit as it's already on sale! 

You CAN have the best of both worlds with the Misses Kisses Combo Kit! Use the Shallow by day for sundresses, rompers, and crop tops and the Moderate by night for your most daring plunges!  

Each purchase comes with a Complimentary Zoom fitting with one of our Fitting Specialists to help you learn how to adjust and form the bra to your body. Schedule your fitting when you receive your bra!


  • SHALLOW PLUNGE BRA - The bar rests 2" below the bottom of your breasts. Designed to replace the traditional strapless bra, this is the shortest plunge - perfect for tight fitting tops, dresses, bodysuits and crop tops while providing a frontless, backless and strapless look. Great for women looking for max cleavage and a slight lift. Fits all women of any size, shape or height. 
  • MODERATE PLUNGE BRA - The bar rests 4” below the bottom of your breasts. Designed for moderate necklines that plunge mid-torso. The Moderate Plunge provides more cleavage than the Deep Plunge and can be worn with more outfits. Even though it is called “Moderate” it is definitely on the dramatic side- see image below. Great for women looking for max cleavage and slight lift. 
This bra works with all women of any size, shape or height. 
  • VOLUMIZING PADS - One pair of standard-sized pads to round out the look under clothing and add comfort once your breasts are pushed together. The pads are to be switched between your Shallow and Moderate. See our sizing chart to determine if custom pads would help perfect your fit (sold separately).
  • Anti-Slip SILICONE STICKERS- Six (6) anti slip silicone stickers to be applied on the black pusher paddles and Volumizing pads for your bra to work and provide grip without the sticky mess! The stickers will last many uses and can be reactivated with a dab of water and rubbing dry. 
  • BRANDED BAG - A silky Misses Kisses travel bag for those on the go.
  • OPTIONAL STRAP - Although not necessary to wear, we've included an optional black strap to provide added security while you adjust to the modern strapless bra!
  • COMPLIMENTARY FITTING100% private and confidential, a virtual fitting with one of our trained Specialists will help you learn how to adjust and form the bra to your body. We are here for you every step of the way. SCHEDULE YOUR FITTING HERE.

WARRANTY- Misses Kisses bras are made to last a lifetime and comes with a guaranteed two year warranty. Quality is very Important to us. RETURNS must include both bras. 

Customer satisfaction means everything to us. If you don't love your bra, we offer a 21 day return policy.

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