Shallow Plunge Bra Kit

Pad Style


Customer satisfaction means everything to us. If you don't love this bra send it back within 21 days for a full refund! 

  • Size: Adjustable 

  • Fit: Recommended for cup sizes 34B to 38G cups 

  • Depth: Slight Dip - Perfect for crop tops, bodysuits and tight dresses! 

  • Comes with a complimentary FaceTime or WhatsApp fitting from one of our specialists. 

 Designed for plunging necklines to achieve cleavage and support without the look of a bra - Frontless - Backless - Strapless - Patented 

This kit includes:

Shallow Plunge Bra - Coated to remain at body temperature, the stainless steel bra bar is extremely durable and comfortable as it flows with your body as you move. The Pusher paddles feel as if your hands are pushing you together to close the gap and create cleavage and support without the look of a bra. The bra must be adjusted for comfort and proper fit! This piece is made to last a lifetime and comes with a guaranteed two year warranty. Perfect for tight dresses, crops and bodysuits. Easy to conceal. 

Volumizing Pads - These pads round out the look and are for added comfort and fit B to G. You can tilt the pad on the pusher cups in any direction to find your rounded shape. We also have the BioGel water resistant pads sold separately. If you are larger than a DD cup we recommend ordering the Voluptuous Pads.

Anti-Slip Silicone Stickers (2 Pairs) - You must apply these for the bra to work! The adhesive side is placed on the volumizing pads and can also be placed on the gold pusher cups (no slipping pads) The silicone side provides a grip / slip free non-sticky surface against your breasts. The stickers will last many many wears. The grip can be reactivated with a dab of water and rub dry. These are reusable, though can be repurchased individually from our website.

Travel Bag - Comes in a branded satin carry case.

Optional Strap - Although not necessary for use, we've included an extra strap that wraps around your back incase you ever need extra security to hold snug to your body.

For more details visit the FAQ section of the site
Free US shipping | Two year warranty 

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