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Misses Kisses ™ is a female owned and family ran business. Los Angeles based Undergarment Company and creator of the revolutionary “Frontless, Backless, and Strapless Bra.”

The Misses Kisses Bra™ instantly produces amazing, enhanced, cleavage while remaining supportive and invisible, allowing women to wear even their most daring neckline while achieving a “no bra” look.   

Amanda's Story:
One night found myself searching the Internet for a frontless bra. I had a beautiful romper with a deep plunging neckline and knew I couldn’t wear it with a conventional bra because the straps and band would show.   But I also didn’t feel comfortable going braless, because while I’m a full D-Cup, I was never fan of “the gap” between my unsupported breasts.  

I soon realized there was no such bra on the Internet – or the market – or the planet! There was nothing available that was “low” enough, supportive, or created the kind of cleavage enhancing braless-look I was after.   In fact, most women hoping to achieve the look I was seeking only got there with a roll of duct tape, trial and error, wasted time, and you can’t achieve a rounded look with tape...

As I stood there, momentarily brainstorming while standing before a mirror, I did what many women might do in this situation: I used my hands to push my breasts together, “filling the gap.” And that’s when it hit me.   Why hasn’t someone created an undergarment that essentially does what my hands are doing?   Better yet – why DOESN’T someone create such a thing.

The creation of The Misses Kisses Frontless Backless Strapless Bra officially begins.  

Soon I was inviting my girlfriends to my kitchen in Silver Lake CA, where I’d host “baking boobies” parties – Sipping champagne, good music, lots of laughs, tops off so we could create various molds out of clay that fit their various-sized breasts and baked them in my oven. (I have great footage of this, curtains closed) These work sessions (lol) led to the design of the bra’s “pusher paddles”, and soon I had an engineer/designer friend create a working and pretty prototype of the average size. I could go on about the rather lengthy, and occasionally frustrating design process, but I’d rather fast forward to the Summer of 2018, when hard work was rewarded with my very first US Patent, with additional Patents filed in nations around the World! US Patent Number: 10058132
Update: Misses Kisses was granted the Brazil Patent! (Pat #BR112018073912-0)

Looking back, I never imagined how fulfilling / rewarding this creative endeavor would be. But even more surprising was learning the positive impact my creation has had on the lives of so many women.   After seeing countless positive testimonials from women of all shapes and sizes, loving their “before-and-after” results, I truly feel blessed that my “crazy idea” is not only real, but it’s helped women from all over the world feel even more confident and beautiful while wearing a plunging-necklines.   Women who, like me, stood before a mirror and wondered how they could achieve the “no bra” look they desired beneath a plunging neckline.
*Granted, no woman “needs” this bra, since I’ll be the first to state that all breasts are beautiful regardless of their size or shape.  

But I also know something else my new bra creates: options.

Such as the forgotten top in the closet a woman thought she’d never wear again due to gravity. Or that dress in the shop window she wouldn’t dare have worn before. Or that wedding gown with the plunge that seemed “too deep”, THE dress on her big day. My bra provides “hidden help”.   And bonus: with my bra’s unique no-slip adhesive pads, and an optional strap the bride can also dance the night away with confidence. 

LASTLY, this bra is more of a hidden helper tool, a non-surgical breast augmentation. The Shallow at 2", the Moderate 4” and the Deep 6” fully adjustable, fits sizes 30A to 50J cups.  Because it’s frontless, backless and strapless, there’s nothing digging into shoulders and no back band creating bulge. No front band, no visible cups, the only thing showing through your neckline is you. It doesn’t “lift” per-say though when our breasts are pushed together, it fills in that loss of volume, which gives the appearance of lift. Do the hand test. Place your palms on the side and push in. if you like how it looks, I got you!

And while it can take a moment to figure out the proper adjustments because it is so new and different, once the proper fit is achieved, there’s no need to adjust it again, assuming the woman’s shape doesn’t radically change. (We also offer personal fittings for LA customers, and via our private label Zoom for others).

That’s it! What started as an idea became a passion and a vision and then, through many months of drive, ingenuity, became a reality.   And ladies, trust me – if I can achieve something like this, anyone can.   You just have to follow your dreams and work hard for what you believe in. I got here by thinking “outside the bra” –And Now, we have 18 employees- which include my friends and family working hard to provide the best quality product, packed and shipped from Los Angeles, and the best customer experience possible with our team of women (I am the customer- treat those how you want to be treated”.  I soon hope to be able to help and provide for millions of women that are in a similar situation I was in standing in front of the mirror and replace your strapless bra with Misses Kisses. A bra for the modern woman. xx

Amanda Marie – CEO and Founder
IG: @misseskissesco 


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