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Authentic Misses Kisses bras are only available for purchase at Misses Kisses does not offer product for sale through individuals, Internet auctions, by wholesale, or through third-party sellers (Amazon, Walmart, EBay, etc). 

Like many unique brands, our success has led to our product images and customer testimonials/videos being stolen and products being poorly imitated by knock-offs and counterfeits. These counterfeits and knock-off products do NOT work and we cannot speak to their safety. We’ve been frequently approached by people asking if a website is real, or we are contacted by someone who accidentally purchased a counterfeit bra. We want all our customers, family, and friends, to protect themselves and those they care about by buying authentic Misses Kisses products through our website only. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Misses Kisses can perform authentication for all Misses Kisses products. A request must be submitted by the purchaser and include valid proof of purchase. Email our Support Team to ask for your authentication check.



We all want a good deal, we all want to get the best price possible. Message the company and ask them if they will be willing to give you a better discount if it’s something you truly want.

We do not want anyone getting hurt or scammed out of time and money. Protect yourself.