Authentic Misses Kisses bras are only available for purchase at Misses Kisses does not offer product for sale through individuals, Internet auctions, by wholesale, or through third-party sellers (Amazon, Walmart, EBay, etc).

Like many unique brands, our success has led to our product images and customer testimonials/videos being stolen and products being poorly imitated by knock-offs and counterfeits. These counterfeits and knock-off products do NOT work and we cannot speak to their safety. We’ve been frequently approached by people asking if a website is real, or we are contacted by someone who accidentally purchased a counterfeit bra. We want all our customers, family, and friends, to protect themselves and those they care about by buying authentic Misses Kisses products through our website only. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.



Misses Kisses can perform authentication for all Misses Kisses products. A request must be submitted by the purchaser and include valid proof of purchase. Email our Support Team to ask for your authentication check.


Q: I found a website that looks legit and sells Misses Kisses products. Is it real?

No. Many sites copy product images or text directly from the official Misses Kisses website in effort to dupe consumers into thinking they are purchasing an authentic Misses Kisses bra. Other websites, known as “rogue websites,” mirror the look and feel of the Misses Kisses website to create the impression they are an associate website of Misses Kisses, when in fact their products are counterfeit.

Misses Kisses does not sell through third-party sellers, through individuals or through associate websites. We only sell our products at Beware of websites using Misses Kisses in their domain name, websites that appear in a search engine result, websites using our product images, or websites claiming to offer the Misses Kisses bra at a discount.

Q: I found a Misses Kisses bra on an auction website/through an online consignment shop. Is it authentic?

Auction websites or online consignment shops do not guarantee the authenticity of products sold through them, and for that reason, many counterfeit goods are available through them despite language from the seller that the item is authentic. While we monitor online listings and work hard to take down infringing product listings, counterfeiters continuously post new listings for fake product. We cannot assure it is authentic if it is purchased through an auction or online consignment website.

Q: Why should I care about counterfeiting?

Counterfeiting is both illegal and dangerous. According to the International Chamber of Commerce, counterfeiting accounts for 5 – 7% of world trade, an estimated $600 billion a year.

Counterfeit products also put you at risk without having the assured high-quality standards of the Misses Kisses brand. Our products are put through rigorous quality and medical-grade safety tests to keep you safe. Instead of the soft silicones and medical-grade materials used by Misses Kisses, analysis of the counterfeit products showed use of unsafe adhesives on the pads and bra, plastics too sharp to wear near the body, and unsafe flimsy bar materials that could bend and cut the skin. These products pose great health and cosmetic risk to an unsuspecting customer.

Counterfeit products do not undergo inspection and safety testing processes, and often the manufacturers of these products do not adhere to wage or health regulations, such as child labor and anti-sweatshop laws, either.

Another danger to consumers is to their wallets. Counterfeit sites are unlikely to refund customers after a fake product is delivered, if it ever is; and without secure payment, your credit card information and identity is at risk.

Q: What is Misses Kisses doing to combat counterfeiting?

We have a program to combat the unauthorized production and sale of Misses Kisses products. We participate in efforts throughout the world and with various Apparel and Consumer Protection associations to educate consumers and the takedown of counterfeit websites, fraudulent online auctions or consignment listings. We have disrupted more than 3,000 counterfeit websites and online listings claiming to sell Misses Kisses counterfeit products.

Q: What should I do if I accidentally purchased counterfeit goods and want to report the website?

Please report the site to or contact The National IPR Center. The IPR Center manages all federal Intellectual Property investigations in the United States. Information regarding the sale of counterfeits can be reported to them at

Please provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • Location of the merchandise (i.e., retail, street vendor, website, factory, etc.)
  • Number of products offered
  • Type/style of products offered
  • Any other brand-name products that may be present

Thank you for your help!


Tip #1- Do your research on the brand and product.

How long have they been in business? I know how difficult it was launching my product initially without a track record… so just because a brand hasn’t been around for a long time, doesn’t mean it’s not a legitimate company- just dig a little deeper…

Some other questions to consider when online shopping: Who owns the company? Do they link their personal account to the business page? Do they engage with their followers? Call the phone number- email them. Are they credited with the BBB? Where are they located - city and state?

Tip #2 - Beware of Fake Advertisement

Many fraudulent companies are stealing from the legitimate companies and editing the brand name out. Do you keep seeing the same ads but ads ran from different company names? Usually these companies will create multiple websites fraudulent websites because they get reported and taken down quickly.

Example: Misses Kisses ads, product photos, customer videos and testimonials have all been stolen and used to trick people into thinking they are buying the genuine bra- only to discover they were scammed with a crappy knockoff “as seen on Ellen” and unable to get a refund)  

Check the comment section of the ad or post to see if they have real engagement from customers or if it is full of bot messages. It should be easy to spot a legitimate company’s response in the comment section of a social post or in a sponsored ad.

Meme pages are looking for a quick buck and are paid to advertise fake goods often. Do not fall victim.

Tip #3 - Check Customer Reviews / Socials

Most of these scam sites will have fake reviews - a good way to double check the legitimacy is to search the company on social media. Such as on Instagram - once you find their account, investigate the company’s tagged photos.

Reach out to the customers in the tagged photos or comment section and ask their experience. If it is a fake account you likely will not get a response. If you do, make sure they answer specific details about the product you’re inquiring about. Look up the hashtags and see what people are saying/ posting.

Search the Facebook reviews. Reach out to customers who have left reviews- research the customer sharing the review.

At Misses Kisses- we are beyond grateful for all of our reviews! We would never mislead anyone/ hence why you find some comments of disgruntled customers who didn’t schedule their fitting- or they ordered the wrong length - or needed a different size pads- or it wasn’t for them. It’s the first bra of its kind- and this is why we strive to have the best customer service possible.

Tip #4 - Does the price seem to good to be true?!

I see the counterfeit bras running for $19.99-29.99 - There is no way that is even possible!!! When you see someone selling for 50/60/75% off - Red Flag 🚩 You will get a wire hanger and some swimsuit pads if anything at all. You get what you pay for- hopefully you don’t get hurt…

This happened to me on Amazon buying Burts Bees Face-wipes- I saw a bundle and it was Prime and could be to my house in a day… They showed up and we’re basically dried up butt wipes that didn’t remove makeup. The face wipes were counterfeit!!! I had no idea until I compared them to the pack I purchased at Target.

Tip #5 - Beware of all third-party seller sites like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and Alibaba

I love Amazon because it’s inexpensive and arrives quick- but note that 75% of the Amazon sellers are coming from China. Who knows what you’re going to get, what materials they use etc… Stay safe - especially when you’re putting it on your body.

Walmart is now offering drop ship items like Amazon, mainly Chinese companies. eBay is the worst… anyone can sell anything and most goods are counterfeit.  

Tip #6 - Check their Grammar

Many times the description will have multiple grammar and spelling errors. This is because a Google Translator may have been used when creating falsified reviews and product information.

Tip #7 - Payment Type

Only purchase using a credit card on a secure site. Paying with a debit card does not offer the same protection and you may not be able to get a refund for scam purchases.

Conclusion - We all want a good deal, we all want to get the best price possible. Message the company and ask them if they will be willing to give you a better discount if it’s something you truly want.

We do not want anyone getting hurt or scammed out of time and money. Protect yourself.