The Problem:   No bra existed that could provide cleavage and support while remaining completely invisible beneath plunging necklines and backless outfits.

The Solution: Misses Kisses, the World’s first frontless, backless, and strapless bra.   Perfectly combining the best features of the strapless bra, the push-up bra, and the “sticky bra” with a patented, one-size-fits-all design. Together, this revolutionary frontless bra creates the illusion of a non-surgical breast augmentation, at a fraction of the price.

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Does the Bra really work?

YES. Thousands of satisfied customers and their before’n’after photos are proof it does. And here’s a fact: We have the patent in both the United States (Pat. #10058132), in Brazil (Pat. BR112018073912-0), and we've been granted the EU Patent (Patent No. TBA) 🥳 The US, Brazil, and EU Patent Offices granted us these Patents - they just don’t do that for things that don’t function. It works once you follow my specific Set-Up Guide to ensure the purrrfect fit! And remember, there’s only one Misses Kisses Bra.

How does the Bra work?

The tension created by the pusher paddles gently squeezing your breasts paired with our anti-slip silicone stickers the bra doesn't budge!

And for customers who anticipate being extra active, we recommend adding our sweat proof/water resistant biogel pads. They stick so well you can even take them swimming!

Is the bra comfortable? Can I bend, sit and dance? Will the bra bar dig into my stomach?

Being the first bra of its kind, it’s definitely different than what you’re used to.   But once adjusted to the perfect fit, you quickly get used to it and forget it’s there.   The bra’s u-shaped bar won’t dig – it’s designed to lay flat atop your tummy and stay put no matter how much you move, bend, dance, sit, etc.   But if you’re worried and want more security, attach the optional strap that wraps around your back for added support.   Bonus: shoulder relief (no straps!) and better posture, as the bra makes the wearer sit up straight, “like a lady.”

Should I buy the Shallow Plunge, Moderate Plunge or the Deep Plunge?

All three bras work the same. Which bra you choose depends mainly on the neckline of the outfits you typically wear, since the bra bar is designed to follow the shape of your top or dress’ neckline.

SHALLOW PLUNGE: If you wear tight dresses, crop tops or shallow plunging necklines, you’ll want to purchase the “Shallow Plunge”. The Shallow is designed to replace a standard Strapless bra. This is the most popular of our three bras. Any outfit you would normally wear your “old-school” strapless bra with you can now wear the Shallow, with the added bonus of it also being fully frontless and backless. It's also our best bra for tight fitting clothing, since the higher, shallow plunging sits below/beneath the curve of your breasts.

MODERATE PLUNGE: If you wear necklines that plunge mid-torso, this is the bra for you. The Moderate Plunge also provides the most lift and cleavage. If you have any doubt whether to choose the Moderate or the Deep Plunge, the Shallow or Moderate is usually the best bet.

DEEP PLUNGE: This bra is designed for extreme, daring, think-J-Lo on the red carpet type dresses, which plunge down to (or past) the belly button. The Deep Plunge is recommended for experienced Misses Kisses customers or for women who are confident their outfit's neckline will plunge this low. But be aware -- you cannot wear the Deep Plunge with a mid or shallow plunging neckline or the bra bar WILL show through your clothing.

How do I ensure the proper fit?

Because the bra is not like anything you’ve ever seen or worn before, it may seem tricky at first. But once you learn how to properly adjust it, THE BRA WILL WORK for women between a B-Cup and a J-Cup. Achieving your ideal fit and result is simple, if you do this one simple thing:  PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND VIEW OUR ONLINE “SET UP GUIDE” VIDEOS. You'll find it in our Menu under "Schedule a Fitting + Set-Up Guide" at MissesKisses.com 

Also, once you set up and adjust the bra properly to achieve your perfect fit, you won’t need to ever adjust the bra paddles or U-Bar again -- you can just pop it on and go!   Though should you still need assistance, no worries! We have a team of women available to help with complimentary Zoom Consultations. Schedule yours at https://misseskisses.setmore.com

Can everyone wear the bra, regardless of cup size and breast shape?

Simple test: push your breasts together with the palms of your hands.   If you like the look of the cleavage that achieves, then my bras will work for you! Misses Kisses has over 200,000 happy, satisfied customers ranging in size from 30A/B to 50J. And because the two side paddles are adjustable, the bra conforms to all breast shapes, from perky to “sleepy", and even helps women with asymmetrical (uneven) breasts.  

Can you see the bra bar through clothing?

The Shallow Plunge can be worn with most outfits -- even tight fitting -- and the bar will not be visible. The Moderate and the Deep Plunge will also be invisible if the neckline of your outfit aligns with the "U" shape of the bra. All three bras, when paired with the proper outfit/neckline, will be invisible or certainly no more conspicuous than a standard bra. Each bra also comes with an optional strap to pull the bar more snug to the body, further reducing visibility.   And don’t forget: with all that amazing cleavage, people's focus will be elsewhere (!)

Does the Bra provide “lift”?

Because the bra is frontless, backless, and strapless, this version will not provide actual “lift.”   Though it will provide the appearance of lift and create volume by pushing the breasts together, filling “the gap” and providing a more full and youthful look.   If it’s significant lift you’re looking for, please be patient – a lift version is in the works. Our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction for women of all breast shapes and sizes.

I have a bit of a belly. Will the bra work and be comfy on Plus-Size Women?

Because the bra’s u-shaped bar lays on top of the tummy and conforms/moves with your body, extra weight is not an issue!   I’ve had numerous, positive testimonials from women up to 50J.  

What about us small framed women?

If you’re petite, go with the Moderate plunge since it’s smaller and easier to conceal.   And for you women smaller than 30B, a “petite plunge” is on the way.

Can I wear the bra if I have augmented / enhanced breasts?

Not real? Not a problem!   The bra works the same on augmented vs. natural.   Though if you’re natural, be prepared to have people think you just got your boobs done!

Will I ever need to replace my bra?

Not likely! This is a sturdy, high-quality “forever bra” that’s also fully adjustable, so there’s no need to replace it should you change a bit in size or shape.  

Can I wear this bra through a metal detector or through airport security?

Wearing a Misses Kisses bra at the airport or going through metal detectors should generally be fine, however, it's important to follow the security regulations of the airport or venue you're going through.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Metal Detectors:  Misses Kisses bras have small metal components. These should not set off metal detectors, but it's a good idea to inform the security personnel that you are wearing such a bra if you're concerned.

Body Scanners: Many airports now use advanced body scanners that can detect items on your person. In most cases, the bra should not cause any issues, but if you're concerned, you can ask a security officer for guidance.

Private Screening: If you're uncomfortable with any aspect of the screening process, you have the right to request a private screening. You can explain the situation to the security personnel, and they will provide an alternative screening method that respects your privacy.

Always arrive at the airport with plenty of time before your flight to allow for security checks and any unexpected delays. I have personall travellled with mine ON as well as in my carry on and had ZERO issues. Safe travels! ✈️

Does the bra cover the nipples?

The bra Is designed to provide invisible cleavage and a “braless look” (“Free The Nipple!”). Our Seamless pads will cover the nipples for some customers, but to ensure coverage, it is best to pair with a pair of our reusable pasties, found on our website.

I have sensitive skin/a latex allergy.  Can I still wear these bras?

The anti-slip silicone stickers we use are 3M - FDA approved materials. Despite this, we do not recommend wearing or buying this product if you are allergic to silicone, latex or any adhesives. Discontinue wear if you notice any symptoms. We do provide biogel pads which are the perfect alternative to our sensitive skin customers. Misses Kisses is not responsible for any adverse health reactions. We do not recommend wearing this product for extended periods of 8 hours or more.   (Please read our Disclaimer)

What’s your company’s Return Policy?

Starting June 1, 2023, all bra sales are refundable within 30 days, assuming there's no physical damage to the product. (Note: Don’t worry if you’ve attached the stickers! The bra is still fully returnable and refundable).  

Who's a typical Misses Kisses Customer?

Every woman with B-to-J breasts! And it's not just for young women who want to hit the clubs. We actually sell a TON of bras to mothers who have lost their shape to breastfeeding, and to plus-size women, and women with augmented breasts, and we even can help women with "uneven" breasts.   We also get a lot of business from BRIDES and their Bridesmaids if they're wearing something special and plunging on the Big Day. But whether it's your wedding dress, your prom dress, sexy club wear, or just a plain zip-hoodie you're wearing with sweats, these bras can absolutely be your new bra for basically any outfit where you want some amazing cleavage, front and center.   Fun Fact:  Misses Kisses was recently named one of Elle Magazine's "Top Nine Best Bras"!

Isn’t this bra, boob-wise, creating “False Advertising”?

Well... no more than that old push-up bra or those rolled-up tube socks in your dresser. LOL.   Yes, our bra will definitely make it look like you’ve got more than you had before. But these days, "more is more" so get out there and have some fun!

Can this bra replace my normal, all day/everyday bra?

Misses Kisses is designed to wear for special occasions, or when you are looking for that EXTRA look! You can even wear our bra while swimming. The bra has silicone stickers/pads are in constant contact with your skin and should be treated like other silicone bras on the market. We recommend wearing our pads with the silicone stickers for 6-8 hours, and 8-12 hours if wearing our BioGel pads.

Can I wear this in high heat? 

Important: Like other silicone bras on the market, do not wear in high temperatures for extended periods of time. If you notice sensitivity, please discontinue use immediately.

1. After each use, wash with warm water and use mild soap to clean with fingers. (Do not wash in machine)

2. Do not expose the silicone to sun, air dry and leave in shade.

3. If the skin is sensitive, inflamed or damaged, do not use.

4. Unsuitable if pregnant or breastfeeding.

5. Avoid high temperatures and wear less than 8 hours.

Can I wear this while pregnant?

No, I do not recommend wearing this pregnant. We would love for you to try us once you've had your baby and are done breastfeeding though!

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Processing of your order typically requires 1-3 business days. (Please allow extra shipping time during big sales and holiday season.)For next day shipping the order must be placed before 2:30pm PST Monday through Thursday. Holidays Exempt. If you get overnight shipping on a Friday - Note it is overnight for the following business day - hence Monday. I am sorry about this - UPS and FedEx rule. I will not refund shipping on overnight Friday orders.
After the 1-3 business day processing period, delivery of all in-stock items require an additional 2-8 business days for domestic orders and 3-12 business days for international orders.

Delivery times may vary depending on your country of residence. International orders are subject to processing through customs. Each country has different customs restrictions and processing times (we wish this wasn't the case). Please keep in mind that customs fees may apply depending on your country of residence. We are not responsible for customs fees.

We now offer express shipping for Domestic and International orders with additional shipping fees.

If your package arrives broken in package due to mishandling, we apologize. We want to get this fixed for you! Take a photo of your item in the package with original receipt and contact us via support@misseskisses.com so we can assist you with your order.
Orders are fulfilled between the hours of 9AM-4PM on business days.

What should I do if I entered the wrong shipping details?

Please contact us immediately if you noticed that your shipping details are incorrect. We are unable to allow any changes to your order once it has been shipped. If your order is marked as "returned to sender", we will be required to pass on a subsidized reshipping postage fee of $5 USD. Ensure you update us via our Support Page with the correct and complete address as soon as you can.

What are my payment options?

Money - Trade - whatcha got? Ya never know ;) lol

What if I received a faulty item?

If you received a defective or faulty item, proof of the defected or faulty item must be given no later than 7 days after receiving the package. Contact us for further support.

Where will my order be shipped from?

We personally fulfill orders at the Misses Kisses office located in Downtown Los Angeles (Art District) to ensure quality.

Seems expensive?

This bra kit has numerous pieces that make this functional. It is not made of fabric and will not fall apart. Although I would like to lower the price, I am not a large manufacturer. I am a woman out of LA trying to help other women the best I can. This is a forever bra and you won’t need to replace it like other bras. I often will provide discount codes and will do giveaways.

What if I have a romantic encounter / what do I do with my bra?

We are adults, I’m sure they will still want you, especially now that the bra's off. Tell them this bra is THE FUTURE! Or if you're on a date and it's "check, please!" just say you need to freshen up in the Ladies room, slip into something else and hide the MK bra in the dust bag it came with. Problem solved!

How do I contact you or follow you on Social Media?

Our normal hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm PST. We are closed weekends and major Holidays.

Thank you for reading along! We are excited to provide for you!

Amanda (Owner/Founder)