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Misses Kisses: The Frontless Bra



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Say goodbye to your old strapless bra and embrace the future of shapeware with Misses Kisses Frontless, Backless, Strapless Bra.   Let us upgrade you! 

Our Patented bra kits are a one-of-a-kind, and so are YOU. You deserve the best, and we strive to provide you with the best quality product and the best customer experience possible. ✨  

Designed to last a lifetime- a stark contrast to traditional strapless bra. No more uncomfortable straps cutting into your shoulders, no unflattering back bulge, and no visible bands. Cleavage and support all while remaining invisible under clothing.  

Note: All Petite kit orders come with our BioGel pads. 

Money Back Guarantee 💰

Still unsure?  Schedule your pre-consultation and we'll help you pick the best option for your shape. Email OR Text: (424)667.2819 for recommendations. 



What's Included:

  • Bra(s) of Your Choice:

Shallow Plunge- lays roughly 2” below cleavage - Replaces a standard strapless bra. Perfect for sweetheart necklines, tight clothing, bodysuits and crop tops.

Moderate Plunge- lays roughly 4” below cleavage- perfect for necklines that plunge mid torso. Pretty dramatic for most.

Deep Plunge- lays roughly 6” below cleavage- necklines that plunge to or below the belly button. Think green Jennifer Lopez Versace dress plunge

  • (1) Pair of Volumizing Pads 

1 pair of Seamless Volumizing Pads in your choice of size:

Petite (S)- OG (M) Full (L)- Voluptuous (XL) or Curvy (XXL)
Approximate Size GuideSEE SIZE CHART

All bras are adjustable and fit 30A/B to 50J. We are here to help you pick your pad size if you're unsure.

  • Anti-Slip Silicone Stickers (can be worn and reactivated multiple times)

  • Optional Strap for added security

  • Satin Bag for storage and travel 

  • Virtual Fittings  💻 

We provide unlimited and confidential one-on-one virtual pre-purchase consultations, and post-purchase fittings to all our customers.  Each fitting Specialists will guide you to ensure you have the perfect fit via our private label Zoom.

  • Free US Shipping

Please note we are small female owned and family operated company based in Los Angeles and your happiness means everything to us. Please reach out with any questions or concerns ♥️

💰 Money Back Guarantee 💰


Imagine the bra is like tongs (Tidday Tongs) 🤗 The tension of the wire, paired with anti-slip silicone stickers, which are applied to the inside paddles of the bra, as well as the inside of the Volumizing pads. The silicone grips the sides of the breasts so your bra doesn’t budge. ✨

You can then adjust the bra inward for more cleavage, and outward for less cleavage, depending on your mood/outfit. For smaller breasts, you can turn the paddles inward, or twist them outward for larger. 

The bra bar flows with your body as you move and should feel like hands holding you. Yesss, you can bend, sit, move and dance. 💃

The bra bar is lightweight and coated in a silicone dip to remain at body temperature. 

When you push your breast together, the breast tissue moves to the center chest, creating cleavage and the appearance of lift. Our Volumizing Pads then fill in that loss of volume on the sides of the breasts, when they are pushed together. This creates a natural looking silhouette. It’s very important to pick the correct pad sizes for your shape. 

Seamless Pad Collection Sizes: 

Petite(S), OG (M), Full (L), Voluptuous (XL) and Curvy (XXL). See size chart and images. 

If you plan on being highly active, dancing, swimming or have sensitive skin- we strongly recommend adding our extra sticky BioGel pads. These are sweat and water resistant. 💧 

No heavy straps cutting into our shoulders, no back band creating bulge and no visible front.  

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Still not sure which bra to get? We offer 100% private and confidential virtual consultations to help you decide which will be the best fit for you. If you purchase with our expert on the Zoom call – we will give you extra savings. 

Already have your bra and need some help with set up and adjustments?  We offer 100% private and confidential fittings with one of our trained Specialists will help you learn how to adjust and form the bra to your body. We are here for you every step of the way.



BRA BAR: Our stainless-steel bra bar is designed for comfort as it flows with your body as you move. The bra bar is coated in a Silicone dip to remain at body temperature in cold or hot climates.  

PADDLES: The pusher paddles are injection molded plastic and sonic welded. Coated with FDA-approved Soft Touch.  

VOLUMIZING PADS: Polyester and Foam – Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

ANTI-SLIP SILICONE STICKERS: Our Anti-Slip Silicone Stickers are made of Silicone. The 3M adhesive backing is medical grade FDA approved. These are to be applied on the black pusher paddles and Volumizing pads. 

The stickers will last for years and the grip can be reactivated with a dab of water and rubbing dry with your fingers.

If you have an allergy to silicone or latex – we recommend trying our BioGel pads, as we’ve had great success with our sensitive skin customers.

OPTIONAL STRAP: Although, not necessary to wear, we've included an optional black strap to provide a nice snug fit and to help you get comfortable wearing a truly Frontless, Backless, Strapless Bra! You can also purchase the straps in Beige, Mocha or Black as an addition to your collection. 


SHIPPING: We provide Free First-Class Shipping in the US on all bra kits, which typically takes 3-7 business days- depending on your location. We ship from Los Angeles California. 

Need your bra quickly - We also offer Priority shipping for an additional fee. Picking the Priority Shipping will bump you to the top of our shipping list. Priority shipping takes about 1-3 days depending on your location. We recommend you place your order before 2PM Business Days to ensure quickest delivery. 

RETURNS: Misses Kisses bras are designed to last a lifetime. Quality and customer satisfaction means everything to us. If you don't LOVE your bra, we offer a 30 day return policy. Please visit our Return page located at the bottom of the site and note that we highly recommend that you consider your complimentary fitting as they make the world of difference. 


Our hours of operation is M-F 8AM PST to 4PM PST.

We recommend you place your order before 2PM PST on our business days to ensure quickest delivery. 

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    This bra lays 2” low 

    This is a must have in every closet and should replace your standard strapless bra. The Shallow is perfect for sweetheart necklines, tight clothing, bodysuits and crop tops. 


    This bra lays 4” low  

    This is perfect for necklines that plunge down to your middle torso. The Moderate is dramatic and all eyes will be on you!

  • DEEP

    This bra lays 6” low

    Think Jennifer Lopez green Versace dress type of plunge. We find this isn't the typical day to day plunge for most, but can be perfect for a special occasion.


    The Best of both worlds – “Sweetheart by Day” and “Siren by Night.” Get the versatility of our two best selling kits [Shallow + Moderate] for a discounted price!



Our bras are designed to last a lifetime- unlike a standard bra you replace numerous times throughout a year or decade. 

We care about the planet and do everything in our power to be as efficient and GREEN as possible.

Woman Owned|LA Based

My dream of contributing to a woman's positive self-esteem and body image has made this endeavor extremely rewarding for me. I am beyond grateful for all or my customers, and I thank you for taking the plunge and embracing my creation. I hope this bra makes you feel your most confident and most feminine, which is exacty how I feel whenever I'm wearing it.

Amanda Marie xx