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Each replacement order will include two (2) pairs of Misses Kisses 3M medical-grade anti-slip silicone stickers. These anti-slip stickers are specially designed to be applied on the black pusher paddles and Volumizing pads of your bra, providing a secure grip without any sticky residue.

Please note that our bra kits already include stickers. For individual bra kits with Petite, OG, Full, or Voluptuous pads, you will receive 4 stickers, whereas individual bra kits with Curvy pads come with 6 stickers. If you opt for combo kits, those with Petite, OG, Full, or Voluptuous pads will come with 6 stickers, and combo kits with Curvy pads will include 8 stickers.

Care Instructions: To maintain the effectiveness and longevity of the anti-slip stickers, simply reactivate their grip by applying a small dab of water and gently rubbing them dry using your fingers. Avoid using any fabric to clean them; your hand is sufficient. As long as the the silicone squeaks and provide a firm grip when you touch them, they will be as good as new! Note: Once applied to both the pads and paddles, do not remove them, they willl last many many wears. 

If you have sensitivity or allergies to Silicone, Latex, or any adhesive used in bras, we recommend purchasing our BioGel pads specially designed for sensitive skin. It's important to be aware that Misses Kisses is not liable for any allergic reactions, and we advise against wearing the bra for extended periods of time.


SHIPPING: We provide Free First-Class Shipping in the US on all bra kits, which typically takes 3-7 business days- depending on your location. We ship from Los Angeles California. 

Need your bra quickly - We also offer Priority shipping for an additional fee. Picking the Priority Shipping will bump you to the top of our shipping list. Priority shipping takes about 1-3 days depending on your location. We are a small family business and our hours of operation is M-F 8AM to 4PM So we recommend you place your order before 2PM Business Days to ensure quickest delivery. 

RETURNS: Misses Kisses bras are designed to last a lifetime. Quality and customer satisfaction means everything to us. If you don't LOVE your bra, we offer a 30 day return policy. Please visit our Return page located at the bottom of the site and note that we highly recommend that you consider your complimentary fitting as they make the world of difference. 

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Our bras are designed to last a lifetime- unlike a standard bra you replace numerous times throughout a year or decade. 

We care about the planet and do everything in our power to be as efficient and GREEN as possible.

Women Owned | Based in Los Angeles

Misses Kisses created in 2016 by Amanda Marie. We are small, family run business, and every package is shipped with love from Los Angeles.